ALBION KIDS SHOW Charity number 289755

Albion kids show began as a children’s charity in 1984. Since then we have been play facilitating in Hackney and many London boroughs. We are a unique play ranger project with a mobile stage and climbing structure (a pirate ship). Our vehicles and resources enable us to produce amazing mobile playspaces in urban areas without playspaces . Bringing activities to hard to reach children who cannot always benefit from funded projects . Our fleet of specially adapted vehicles and trailers enable us to take play opportunities into the child’s own environment. Our funded projects have allowed us to set up and provide free play in estates, parks, a variety of community facilities and other unusual places. Children aged up to 15 can learn through safe, exciting, stimulating and imaginative play. We do all types of activities as well as a variety of workshops .Our activity days are adaptable and holistic. They can be themed to your specification. Many of our experienced play workers are also artists, dancers and performers who bring their talents into their work, facilitating all types of play and creative learning to broaden and build children’s skills as well as community links.

We have a large soft play facility for children with disabilities and provide assistance with making your play provision accessible.
We have a large reserve of equipment , which can be loaded and brought to sessions. Our clients or funders can choose from any particular activities described in activities and resources
If you wish to book us please contact us on:
Office Phone/Fax: 020 8533 0114/
Bookings, Project, Funding Ideas: Roger Barham                                                      roger<

We are funded by The London Borough of Hackney

Recent Funding from Capital Radio Help a Capital Child enabled us to refurbish Ship climbing structure

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